The Mom’s Meals Affiliate Program is a great way to address senior nutrition concerns that are an integral part of your business. Whether used as a meal plan to get nutritious meals in the home or a complement to meal preparation service your business already provides, Mom’s Meals is the solution for you.


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Easy Commission

Mom’s Meals offers up to a 15% commission to Affiliates on every order placed (via phone or website) using their unique Affiliate Code. The commission can be:

  • Passed on to your clients, allowing you to promote your Home Delivered Meal program at a discounted per meal price (discount is applied at the time of the order), or
  • Paid monthly directly to your company

Online Tracking & Tools

Mom’s Meals offers a secure, online business dashboard where Affiliates can:

  • Access a sales brochure that can be customized with business name and affiliate code
  • View sales commission levels
  • Update contact information
  • View sub-affiliates that have been referred

Sales Support

  • Mom’s Meals takes your client’s orders with our easy-to-use online order site or with our dedicated Customer Care Center
  • The Mom’s Meals call center answers all the clients questions
  • Mom’s Meals Affiliate Manager answers all your questions
  • You receive an auto email when a sale is recorded with your Affiliate Code
  • Commission checks are sent between the 15th and month end following the month the sale was recorded

The Mom’s Meals Affiliate Program is hosted by a 3rd Party Proprietary Affiliate Software package for online marketing solutions with critical information secured by eTrust.

Special Terms

  • We look for sites that do not use software, which facilitates contextual pop up advertising or cookie overwriting.
  • Any trademark bidding (Mom’s Meals or any misspelling of) must follow a $0.25 cpc cap. Bidding on the top placement for all our offers is also prohibited.
  • Email advertising is prohibited unless authorized by
  • Affiliate with a site; Google adwords bidding only is prohibited.
  • Site must function properly and does not have broken links or other tech problems.
  • Site doesn’t contain hate/violent/pornographic/offensive content.