“Over 70% Adults aged 60+ have some form of Cardiovascular Disease”

“Projected costs of Cardiovascular Disease in 2015 Are Expected to be $564-BILLION”

“82% of American Seniors Have One or More Chronic Conditions, and 65% Suffer from Two or More”

Recent headlines tell the story.  And, on October 1, under a provision in the Affordable Care Act intended to curb high readmission rates, new penalties were imposed for hospital readmissions that exceeded the national average for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and pneumonia, all maladies striking our seniors at an alarmingly high rate.

These hospital readmissions, which cost U.S. taxpayers in excess of $17-billion a year, can be reduced.  But there is an ongoing tug-of-war between what causes them, how to stem the tide, and who should pay for any efforts to curb them.

A recent study by Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. (FMQAI) showed that patient readmissions were significantly reduced with nutritional intervention.  In the report, readmission rates declined by 67% from the community average when patients were provided meals at home after a hospital stay.

“At Mom’s Meals, we get it,” said Rick Anderson, president of Mom’s Meals.  “If you ask a doctor about these conditions, they’ll most likely prescribe medication, while losing sight of the crucial role good nutrition plays.  They’ll surely say too much sodium or being overweight impacts cardiac health.  But what we think is missing from the solution is nutrition – actually having healthy meals in your fridge when you need them or you simply don’t have the energy to make them.”

“If we can play a part in ensuring our seniors have the right food to support their recuperation, or even help them age in their own home, then maybe we be a part of the solution to this ongoing healthcare challenge,” said Anderson.

Mom’s Meals, which provides nutritionally balanced meals delivered right to a customer’s door, serves those living independently who may no longer be able to shop for themselves or prepare their own meals.   The company also focuses on those recuperating at home and also has a program available for eligible seniors who qualify for waiver assistance programs.

Meals from Mom’s Meals are fresh-made and options are available for customers on specific diets including heart-healthy meals that are both low sodium and low fat, diabetic-friendly meals with 60 carbs or less, vegetarian, gluten-free, and renal meals, for kidney disease patients on hemodialysis, home dialysis, or peritoneal dialysis.