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What makes Mom’s Meals different than other programs?

Four things make Mom’s Meals different:

  • FRESH Made and FRESH Delivered meals that stay fresh for over 2 weeks in the refrigerator (40°F or below), due to break-through Fresh-Lock packaging, which allows you to eat any meal anytime you desire.
  • Meals can be Delivered Anywhere through our network of delivery drivers and other carriers (FedEx, SpeeDee, etc.).
  • Individual CHOICE of up to 50 meals. Only select the meals you enjoy eating.
  • Mom’s Meals Customer Care Team wants your experience with us to be the best possible and will work with you to customize your program and meet your individual needs.
How does the food stay fresh and safe in the refrigerator for 14 days?

We utilize a break-through European technology that creates a “Fresh-Lock” from the time we place the meals in the sealed containers and chill them, until they get to your home and you immediately place them in your refrigerator. As long as you keep the “Fresh-Lock” sealed and your meal below 40 degrees in your refrigerator, your meal will maintain that fresh-made taste for 14 days. It’s similar to the “lettuce in the bag” packaging that you see in your supermarket, but enhanced for longer freshness. All our meals are USDA inspected, and we do continual meal safety testing to ensure your food is safe.

Do I need to prepare anything to eat Mom's Meals?

No preparation required! All you need to do is follow the suggested heating times on the label of each meal, warm it in the microwave, and you have a fresh, nutritious meal to enjoy!

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How do I place my meal order?

If Mom’s Meals is your meal provider, you can place your customized meal order by calling (866) 204-6111 or emailing  In addition, our customer service team will contact you to remind you when it is time to place your next order.

How do I add Mom’s Meals to my care plan?

If Mom’s Meals is an approved home delivered meal provider in your area, contact your case manager and request to add Mom’s Meals to your care plan.

How do I know if Mom’s Meals is available in my area?

Mom’s Meals is available nationwide through our Independent at Home (private pay) program.  In addition, Mom’s Meals is an approved home delivered meal provider in over 35 states through various federal, state and locally funded programs (i.e. Medicaid waiver, Older American’s Act, etc.).  To see if Mom’s Meals is approved in your area, call (866) 716-3257 or email

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When will my order be delivered?

When Mom’s Meals is notified by your case manager that we are your meal provider, our customer service team will contact you to welcome you to the program.  During the call, we will explain what you can expect from our service and we will establish a delivery day and ongoing delivery schedule.  Deliveries are made thrgouh a combination of our own drivers and other carriers (i.e. FedEx, SpeeDee, etc.)

Do you ship into Canada and/or Hawaii?

Not at this time.  We deliver to the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia.

Do you use dry ice to ship my food and keep it refrigerated?

No. We have a custom designed insulated refrigerated delivery container that uses refrigerant gel packs. The gel packs are designed to fit our container and ensure the food will remain at a refrigerated temperature throughout the course of delivery. The number of gel packs within the container will vary throughout the year due to varying outside temperatures.

Can I reuse the frozen gel packs that are delivered with my food?

The gel packs are reusable; just leave them in your freezer for future use.  If a gel pack melts, lay it flat when refreezing.  IMPORTANT, if you want to dispose of the gel packs, do not pour the contents into the drain, as they contain a material (“super-absorbent”) that can clog drains; dispose of them in the trash.

Can Mom’s Meals be delivered to an apartment?

Yes.  The driver will deliver the package to your door, if it is accessible.  If not, and there is an office that accepts deliveries for your apartment building, the driver will leave your package there.  If neither of these options is available, the driver will leave a note for you stating they will try to deliver your package the next day, or someone will need to pick it up at a location they will provide.  Your meals are packed so they will stay fresh, but should be refrigerated immediately as soon as the shipping package is opened.

Are the shipping materials and the meal packaging recyclable?

Yes. The contents are completely recyclable. You should check with your town to be sure you are recycling the materials properly. We continually look for ways to improve our packaging, so please note that these materials are subject to change.

-Cardboard is recycled board

-Insulating foam liner is polystyrene #6, containing no CFC’s

-Meal containers are PET #1

-Meal lids are PET#5

-Plastic air-filled pillow cushions and plastic bag around meal containers are LDPE #4

How does the food stay fresh during delivery without being frozen?

Our “Fresh-Lock” packaging, combined with our proprietary gel packs and innovative cooler packing, are used to keep your food at the right temperature throughout their transit from our kitchen to your home.  It is important that you put the meals immediately into the refrigerator once the cooler is opened.

Do I need to be home when the shipment is delivered?

No, you don’t need to be home at the exact time of the delivery because the food is packed for freshness in a special climate-controlled cooler to last on your doorstep until you arrive home (anytime of year!); however, the food needs to be put in the refrigerator the same day and immediately once the shipping package is opened.