Healthcare Providers

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How can orders be placed for the patient?

The patient can be enrolled in the program by the healthcare institution aiding or paying for the patient’s meals or by the patient himself, as long as the patient has consented and signed a HIPPA form allowing their information transfer. Mom’s Meals keeps patient information secure according to HIPPA standards.

Enrollment is same day and usually within 2 hours of the order form being faxed or e-mailed to us.  All patient enrollments will be confirmed the same day, as long as they are received before 4pmCT.

The patient or their caregiver can place any subsequent orders by phone at 1-866-977-6325 or e-mail  at

How quickly can meals be delivered to the patient’s home post-discharge?

We can deliver to almost all states within 24-72 business hours of patient enrollment and notice of discharge.   All patients enrolled (by fax, e-mail or phone) and with orders placed before 2pmCT will be confirmed and shipped that day.  Orders after 2pmCT will be confirmed and shipped the next business day.

Can the patient choose their meals?

Yes.   However, if the first order must arrive within 48-hours of discharge, the first order will be the only one that will be our “Dietitian’s Choice” pre-selected menu, as that order will be expedited to arrive when the patient arrives home.   For all subsequent orders, the patient can select any meals they prefer and enjoy eating from the printed menu they will get with their first shipment.  A Mom’s Meals Customer Care Representative will follow up with a phone call to ask the patient what meals they would like for the next order.

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How do you work with a healthcare partner to design a program (hospital, insurance company, long-term care facility, etc.)?

Each program is customized to the Healthcare partner’s needs for their patients.  A Mom’s Meals Care Transitions Program Director will work with you to design the required nutritional parameters and menus and program materials to meet your individual program’s needs.  Call us at 1-866-977-6325 and ask to speak with our Care Transitions Program Director to learn more.

How is your program designed, such as number of meals per day and number of weeks?

Our program structure is very flexible and varies by your program’s needs. We can provide 1,2 or 3 meals per day plus a snack and beverage. Our program can be a few days a week or up to a full 7 days per week.  Meals can be ordered in quantities of a minimum of 10 and up to 21 meals per shipment.  We can ship for any number of weeks from 1 week to 52 weeks in a year. Most plans are 4 weeks in length, but some longer given the health challenge. You also can ship for a few weeks, take a break, and then order more meals at a later date.


Can meals be designed to meet the recommended diet for different disease conditions?

Yes.  We have menus for patients with heart disease, diabetes and who require low salt, low fat, and gluten-free or vegetarian diets. Select meals are available for renal patients and, soon, mechanically soft diets.   Our heart-friendly and diabetes-friendly menus follow the nutritional guidelines recommended by the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association for those diseases.

As a Healthcare Professional, how do I explain the program to patients? Do you provide program support materials?

You will receive program support materials to give to the patient before they are released from the hospital, which will explain how their unique program will work .  Also, Mom’s Meals will call the patient within 24 hours of the meal order and leave a phone message, providing the expected arrival date of their meals; we will also explain what they will receive in their first shipment, so they are prepared to enjoy their meals.

What makes Mom’s Meals different from other programs, such as Meals on Wheels?

Five things make Mom’s Meals different:

  1. FRESH Made and FRESH Delivered meals that stay fresh for 18 days in the refrigerator (40°F), due to break-through Fresh-Lock packaging, which allows patients to eat any meal anytime they desire.
  2. Patient CHOICE of over 50 meals, which increases patient compliance, since they are eating only the meals they select and enjoy.
  3. SPECIAL DIET menus – patients can choose from any of our health condition menus to help provide the right nutrition to support their health condition, like heart-healthy or diabetic-friendly menus.
  4. DIETITIAN Consultation – available for your nutrition questions and for designing the right program for your patients 1-866-977-6325.
  5. Moms Meals Customer Care – our Mom’s Care Team wants your experience with us to be the best possible and will work with you to customize a plan to meet your program’s or patients’ needs.

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Can you do in-home or on-phone patient nutritional assessments?

Yes.  Our Registered Dietitians can work with you to customize our nutritional assessment to meet your patients’ needs.   This is an added service and is priced according to the number of patients to be assessed.

Can you perform customer satisfaction surveys?

Yes.  We currently survey our Mom’s Meals customers once their program has concluded.   We can work with you to create a custom survey to administer to your patients to address any measures or questions.

Do you have dietitians on staff to consult, either for the healthcare organization or the patient?

Yes.  Our Registered Dietitians are on call for program design and consultation.  They can be reached during normal business hours at 1-866-977-6325.