We offer menus that meet the nutritional requirements of most major health conditions. 

general wellness
General Wellness: Our largest selection of nutritionally balanced meals
  • All meals include a protein, grain & vegetable.
  • All meals have 400-700 calories per meal, including snacks!
  • Over 60 breakfast, lunch and dinner combinations to choose from

lower sodium
Lower Sodium: Lower in sodium and saturated fat to support heart health and lower blood pressure
  • 600 mg or less of sodium
  • 10% or less saturated fat per meal
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association

heart friendly icon
Heart-Friendly: Sodium controlled and lower in fat
  • 800 mg or less of sodium
  • Less than 30% fat per meal
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association

renal friendly icon
Renal-Friendly: Nutritional support recommended for most kidney disease patients on hemodialysis, home dialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Less than 700 mg sodium per meal
  • 833 mg or less potassium per meal
  • 330 mg or less phosphorus per meal

cancer support icon
Cancer Support: Meals are higher in protein and calories to help prevent weight loss and promote healing
  • At least 600 calories per meal
  • At least 25 grams of protein per meal
  • Developed with Oncology specialized Registered Dietitians and in accordance with guidelines from American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

pureed icon
Pureed: For those with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Meals are designed to meet the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics requirements for Dysphagia (Level 1 – Pureed Nutrition Therapy).
  •  Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals available

gluten free icon
Gluten-Free: Tested to be gluten-free, supporting those individuals with celiac disease
  • Less than 20ppm gluten per meal
  • Meals meet FDA proposed guidelines
  • Meals are tested using the ELISA method

vegetarian icon
Vegetarian: Free from beef, pork, poultry and fish.  Includes dairy and eggs. (Some vegan entrees available)
  • Meals are “Lacto-ovo vegetarian”, which include dairy, eggs, beans, plant proteins and nuts, and are free from animal proteins
  • Dietitian approved

diabetic friendly
Diabetes-Friendly: Meals are lower in carbohydrates to help maintain good blood sugar control and help manage diabetes
  • All meals follow low carb (<75g per meal) nutritional guidelines
  • Diabetes Dietitian designed
  • Wide variety of meal choices

Select every meal and see how easy it is to get refrigerated, home-delivered meals that are ready to heat, eat and enjoy!

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