WHEN: Tuesday, July 19 from 10:30 a.m. until noon, Nathan Hale Room, Wardman Tower

DETAILS: This workshop, open to N4A attendees and the press, will examine the prevalence and impact of malnutrition (poor nutrition, particularly insufficient protein) on the elderly population in care transitions.

Because nutritional status is considered one of the most significant predictors of hospital readmission, patient outcomes for specific diseases, including heart disease, can be significantly impacted by poor nutrition.

Care transitions plans often fail to address the importance of providing quality nutrition solutions that can be easily followed and available to frail patients post-discharge.

Presenters include:

Dr. Sam Beattie, Director of Nutritional and Technical Services, Purfoods/Mom’s Meals, and Joseph L. Ruby, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Akron/Canton Area Agency.

Dr. Sam Beattie is Director of Nutritional and Technical Services for PurFoods/Mom’s Meals. Dr. Beattie was a faculty member of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University before coming to PurFoods. At Iowa State, he his research program in lipid accumulation by microorganisms won several research awards. In addition, Dr. Beattie is an expert in food safety and quality. He received his undergraduate degree in Food Technology from Iowa State University, his Master’s degree from South Dakota State University, and his PhD from Oregon State University in Food Science and Technology with minors in Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Joseph L. Ruby has been President and CEO of the Akron/Canton Area Agency on Aging since 1981. During his tenure, annual revenue has increased from $3.2 million to over $70 million with a growth in staff from 7 to over 150 employees. During this period, the Agency Board of Directors transitioned from a business-based board to a medical-based board, adding leaders from local hospitals, doctors, and other health care experts. This transition allowed for enhanced partnerships with the medical community, paving the way for Agency nurse placement at hospitals as well as large physician practices.

Mr. Ruby has been a leader at the national and state levels regarding aging and long term care policy issues. Nationally, he is a speaker in high demand, with expertise in public policy, integrating medical and long term care, and enhanced business practices.


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