The Mom’s Meals Affiliate Program is a great way to address senior nutrition concerns that are an integral part of your business. Whether used as a meal plan to get nutritious meals in the home or a complement to meal preparation service your business already provides, Mom’s Meals is the solution for you.

easy commission

Easy Commission

  • Up to 15% commission on every order placed
  • Commission could be passed on to your clients, allowing you to promote your Home Delivered Meal program at a discounted per meal price
  • Paid monthly directly to your company

Marketing & Tracking Tools

  • Access sales materials that can be co-branded with your business name and affiliate code
  • Receive monthly activity & commission reports
  • Update or add new affiliate codes to track different campaigns
tracking tools

sales support

Sales Support

  • Mom's Meals handles everything from order processing to tracking and delivery
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager to help answer all your questions
  • Receive an email each time a sale is recorded with your Affiliate Code

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