Working with Mom's Meals

We are happy to partner with you to serve the nutritional needs of your patients. Our goal is to make working with us easy so you can continue to focus on the overall well-being of those you serve.

Important contacts and ways to reach us 

Order and Delivery Information

  • Patients are approved for a 56-meal benefit which can be ordered in 4 consecutive weeks or 1 week at a time

  • Patients will receive 1 cooler of 14 meals every week

  • For programs that are longer than 2 consecutive weeks in length, Mom’s Meals will call patients to collect their order for their 3rd and 4th deliveries of meals

  • To sign up a patient, please submit the approved authorization document

  • Orders received before noon (CT) will be processed that day, orders received after noon (CT) will be processed the next day

  • Meals are delivered in 1-3 business days

Important Contact Information

INTAKE - Processes all authorizations/referrals for new patients, renewal authorizations for existing patients and patient cancellations.

  • Phone: 866-716-3257, Option 1
  • Hours of operation: M-F (7:00am - 5:00pm CT)
  • Email:
  • Fax: 515-266-6120

BILLING - Responsible for communication with each billing entity to ensure all paperwork is complete and invoices are processed in a timely manner.

Health Plan Support and Program Development

HEALTHCARE PARTNER RELATIONS – Melissa Hildebrand, MSW is available to support your programs by providing training to your care management staff, attending in-services, providing utilization reporting or addressing other day to day programming needs. Additionally, she can answer questions regarding program development, as well as provide you with current menus and any further information you may need.

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