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general wellness

General Wellness

Our largest selection of nutritionally balanced meals
  • All meals include a protein, grain & vegetable.
  • All meals have 400-700 calories per meal, including snacks!
  • Over 60 breakfast, lunch and dinner combinations to choose from

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lower sodium

Lower Sodium

Lower in sodium and saturated fat to support heart health and lower blood pressure
  • 600 mg or less of sodium
  • 10% or less saturated fat per meal
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association

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heart friendly icon


Sodium controlled and lower in fat
  • 800 mg or less of sodium
  • Less than 30% fat per meal
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association

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diabetic friendly


Meals are lower in carbohydrates to help maintain good blood sugar control and help manage diabetes
  • All meals follow low carb (<75g per meal) nutritional guidelines
  • Diabetes Dietitian designed
  • Wide variety of meal choices

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renal friendly icon


Nutritional support recommended for most kidney disease patients on hemodialysis, home dialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Less than 700 mg sodium per meal
  • 833 mg or less potassium per meal
  • 330 mg or less phosphorus per meal

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gluten free icon


Tested to be gluten-free, supporting those individuals with celiac disease
  • Less than 20ppm gluten per meal
  • Meals meet FDA proposed guidelines
  • Meals are tested using the ELISA method

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vegetarian icon


Free from beef, pork, poultry and fish.  Includes dairy and eggs. (Some vegan entrees available)
  • Meals are “Lacto-ovo vegetarian”, which include dairy, eggs, beans, plant proteins and nuts, and are free from animal proteins
  • Dietitian approved

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pureed icon


For those with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Meals are designed to meet the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics requirements for Dysphagia (Level 1 – Pureed Nutrition Therapy).
  •  Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals available

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cancer support icon

Cancer Support

Meals are higher in protein and calories to help prevent weight loss and promote healing
  • At least 600 calories per meal
  • At least 25 grams of protein per meal
  • Developed with Oncology specialized Registered Dietitians and in accordance with guidelines from American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

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  • Can I store my meals in the freezer?

    Our meals are designed and packaged to last in the refrigerator for 14 days from delivery. Although meals can be kept in the freezer, we suggest storing them in the refrigerator to ensure the best quality. If you are unable to consume the meals within the 14 days, store them in the freezer; however, be sure to thaw overnight in the refrigerator prior to heating.

  • How does the food keep in the refrigerator for 14 days?

    We utilize proprietary packaging that eliminates gases. Our breakthrough packaging prevents spoilage during transport from our USDA kitchen to homes. And, meals will last in the refrigerator for 14 days from delivery when placed in a refrigerator that is maintained at a temperature of 40 degrees or below.  

  • Do I need to prepare anything to eat Mom's Meals?

    No preparation required! Simply follow the suggested heating instructions on the label of each entree, warm in the microwave and you have a delicious and nutritious meal to enjoy!

  • Do you use preservatives?

    We do not add hormones, nitrates, or preservatives to our meals. However, there may be nitrates or preservatives present in some ingredients that we purchase that extend their shelf life. Whatever is listed in the product specification for an ingredient we use is listed on our ingredient label.

  • What makes Mom's Meals different than other programs?

    Four things make Mom’s Meals different:

    1. Fully-prepared, refrigerated meals will keep in the refrigerator (40°F) for 14 days from delivery. Allows you to eat when you desire.
    2. Individual CHOICE – choose every meal, every order from a broad selection of entrees. Only select the meals you enjoy.
    3. Health-specific menus – you can choose the menu that best supports your specific nutritional needs. Menus to support most common chronic conditions.
    4. Mom’s Meals Customer Care – we genuinely care about our customers and personally reach out to them with each order to ensure satisfaction

  • Can I choose my meals?

    YES! You are able to select every meal, every order from your designated health-condition menu. You may select any combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees to total the number of meals you are approved for or wish to purchase. 

  • Do you offer any discounts on your meals?

    For those paying independently, we do offer a 10% discount for Veterans as well as those who subscribe to our Auto Ship service. 

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