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Importance of diabetes management

Diabetes affects more than 14 million seniors in the U.S. and those with diabetes are at higher risk for additional chronic conditions as well as food insecurity. The good news, however, is this disease can often be successfully managed through the right nutrition and proper exercise.

At Mom’s Meals®, we believe that better health begins with the meals we eat. So having access to nutritious food can not only help make this disease more manageable but also help individuals live a healthier life at home.

In recognition of Diabetes Month and in an effort to help educate and better address the needs of your clients who suffer from diabetes and other chronic conditions, we have provided the following tools:    

As a leading provider of condition-appropriate home-delivered meals, Mom’s Meals is here to partner with you in supporting the needs of your members and clients with diabetes. Some Medicaid and Medicare members may be able to receive home-delivered meals through their health plans at no additional cost.

For more info about our diabetes-friendly meal delivery options, click here.

For more information about a diabetes CEU, click here.

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