National Heart Month

At Mom’s Meals®, our mission is to improve life through better nutrition at home. February is American Heart Month, and we’re highlighting the importance of nutrition in managing heart disease and its lifestyle risk factors.

Nutrition has been shown to significantly reduce the risk for heart disease and even help to manage other chronic conditions like diabetes and kidney disease.

At Mom’s Meals, we offer menus that support chronic conditions like heart disease. Our heart-friendly selections are crafted by chefs and dietitians and are based on nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association.

A home-delivered meals benefit ensures individuals get the nutrition they need to maintain their health and independence at home. Not only do these benefits aid in reducing hospitalization and inpatient stays, they also help reduce food insecurity among vulnerable populations.

Let Mom’s Meals help you address the needs of your clients with heart disease. We invite you to view and download our heart disease resources:

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