Better Health at the Doorstep

Achieving better health isn’t a simple path for everyone. America’s most vulnerable populations, such as people
who are food insecure or have a chronic condition, often have a difficult time getting the nutrition they need to
stay healthy, which has a direct impact on healthcare costs.

Chronic diseases, many of them better managed through diet, are the leading drivers of increasing the nation’s
healthcare costs to $3.8 trillion annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1

More specifically, medically tailored, home-delivered meals have been shown to lead to positive health outcomes
in vulnerable populations and are linked to shorter hospital stays, reduced readmissions rates and fewer emergency
room visits.2

This is why lowering healthcare spending through nutrition is both practical and impactful.

In this white paper, we address:

  • America’s healthcare landscape
  • Cost drivers in healthcare
  • Nutritional needs of vulnerable populations
  • The impact of food insecurity and chronic conditions on healthcare costs
  • Medically tailored, home-delivered meals as a means to improve health outcomes and lessen the overall
    healthcare spend

Mom’s Meals® is a leading national provider of refrigerated, home-delivered meals and nutrition services. We
work with hundreds of health plans nationwide, including Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans.

Let us help you launch a home-delivered meals program to meet the needs of your members.



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