UPMC Partners with Mom's Meals to Address the Complex Care Needs of Members 

UPMC put in place an initiative to improve chronic care management and lower the cost of care for health plan members who had complex care needs. By providing the proper nutrition to support the unique needs of this group of members, UPMC endeavored to reduce total medical spending and increase medication adherence.

UPMC partnered with Mom’s Meals to specifically address high-risk, chronically ill for You members with multiple co-morbidities, nutrition-sensitive conditions, and psychosocial needs. Between the timeframe of October 2019 and June 2020, pilot members received 3 meals per day for a period of 13 weeks. Meals were delivered direct to the member's homes and were fully prepared condition-appropriate meals. Would this have the impact and garner the outcome that UPMC was hoping to achieve?

We are happy to share the Summary Report that encapsulates the findings of the pilot.

UPMC Pilot Summary Report

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