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At Mom’s meals, we take care of your members as if they are part of our own family and by helping to ensure access, we help you put better health within their reach.

Here are links to brochures and handouts to aid in conversations with Care Managers as well as members. Additional support materials are available upon request, including: internal communication support, member communications, member email template, social graphic, and buckslip.

Brochures and Handouts
Chronic Care Member Education brochures

Our Menus

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General Wellness: Our largest selection of nutritionally balanced meals

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Renal-Friendly: Nutritional support recommended for most kidney disease patients on hemodialysis, home dialysis or peritoneal dialysis

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Diabetes-Friendly: Meals are lower in carbohydrates to help maintain good blood sugar control and help manage diabetes

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Gluten Free: Tested to be gluten-free, supporting those individuals with celiac disease


Vegetarian: Free from beef, pork, poultry and fish.  Includes dairy and eggs. (Some vegan entrees available)

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Lower Sodium: Lower in sodium and saturated fat to support heart health and lower blood pressure

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Pureed: For those with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

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Cancer Support: Meals are higher in protein and calories to help prevent weight loss and promote healing.

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Heart-Friendly: Sodium controlled and lower in fat

Which one best describes you?

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