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Choosing between meal kits and prepared meals

The differences, pros, and cons of meal delivery options.

September 18, 2018

Choosing between meal kits and prepared meals

Eating at home is more popular than ever, but the definition of a “home-cooked meal” isn’t exactly what it used to be, not with the abundance of available meal kits and prepared meals that allow consumers to have food delivered to their doorstep.

The appeal of meal kits and prepared meals is not limited to seniors. Some people might try them as a change of pace from their typical meals or a reprieve from having to make their weekly trek to the grocery store. For the elderly, however, it might be a necessity. Cooking can be a challenge, and these new options offer a convenient alternative.

But, what is the difference between a meal kit and a prepared meal? And which one is best suited to your needs or the needs of a loved one? Let’s explore.

Finding the best type of meal delivery service to meet your needs

Meal kits

Meal kits are boxes that can be shipped to customers on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. Inside these boxes are all of the essential ingredients to one or more meals, with a recipe for each meal included. The specific meals can be chosen in advance by the customer or selected at random if the customer so chooses.

The customer is responsible for preparing and cooking the meal, so the kits are presented as an alternative to grocery shopping or having to scramble to provide an answer to the proverbial, “What’s for dinner?” question every night.

Hundreds of meal kit providers have emerged over the last several years, gaining popularity among millennials who view them as a more efficient way of preparing meals.

Prepared meals

Meal kits essentially reduce the amount of trips to the grocery store, prepared meals take it a step further for those who can’t cook the meals themselves.

Just like meal kits, prepared meals are shipped to your home. Mom’s Meals®, for example, delivers refrigerated meals — which are based on selections made by the customer or their caregiver — that come fully-prepared, requiring no more than a couple minutes in the microwave before they are ready to eat.

Prepared meals are often most beneficial to seniors trying to maintain their independence while living at home, or for those recovering from a hospital stay or managing a chronic condition. They can choose from a variety of chef-designed meals to satisfy their nutritional needs and keep their taste buds happy, without having to expend the time and energy on cooking.