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Mom's Meals offers case managers a unique and innovative home-delivered meal program.

  • Refrigerated Meals
  • Up to 50 Choices
  • Meets 1/3 DRI Requirements
  • Health condition menus available, including Gluten-Free, Renal, and Pureed
  • Indicators on all menus for those managing diabetes or needing heart-friendly and/or lower-sodium meal options

As a home-delivered meal provider (Medicaid Waiver and Title III C2) in over 40 states, we prepare, package, and deliver meals directly to any address.

For questions or to get more information about our programs, schedule an in-service or continuing education, contact us or call 1-844-280-2133

Studies show 92% of meal program recipients report they are able to continue living in their homes due to home delivered meals.*

*HHS Admin. on Aging: Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committee. 2013.

customer care team

Experienced Customer Care

Our Customer Care Team:

  • Partners with case managers to ensure clients' nutritional needs are satisfied
  • Starts clients immediately - no minimum number of clients required
  • Supports clients with weekly calls to address nutrition questions and take meal orders, saving administrative time for case managers and functioning somewhat as a wellness check

Lower Home Meal Delivery Costs

Mom's Meals can help you provide more effective coverage for more clients:

  • Service rural and hard-to-reach clients with FedEx or local carriers
  • In highly populated areas, meals are hand-delivered by our own delivery drivers
  • Immediate start-up with timely delivery allows for continuous meal service for new clients or to fill a service gap
  • Reduce waiting list time caused by lack of resources, such as volunteers, vehicles, or prohibitive access/cost to reach remote access
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