Introducing the Mom's Meals Community Champion program!

Mom’s Meals values each and every one of our case managers, and we are grateful to the community of dedicated professionals who coordinate care, help clients in need, and orchestrate strategies even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Community Champions is a Mom’s Meals award program spotlighting case managers who have gone above and beyond to positively impact their communities and the clients they serve. This award program is specifically designed to:

  • Recognize outstanding achievements by case managers in the areas of nutrition, health, and healthy lifestyles
  • Celebrate case managers who are doing outstanding work in their local communities
  • Underscore the value of the case manager’s role in  supporting the whole health of our communities
  • Promote awareness of the importance of nutrition in overall health, particularly to reduce the impact of social determinants, to support older Americans who want to age in their homes, and to support management of chronic conditions.

Community Champion Announcement from on Vimeo.

Which one best describes you?

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