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The Impact of Good Nutrition on Chronic Diseases 

Discover how to use quality nutrition to improve outcomes for those with chronic health conditions and reduce the total cost of health care. 

The Power of Food as Medicine: What Health Care is Doing and What is Working

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Food as medicine is more than a catch phrase or trend. It has deep roots in the past. With today’s increasing food and health inequities, and rising cases of chronic conditions, the costs are skyrocketing. Our white paper proves how together, we all have the power to help heal and lower costs using quality nutrition.

You’ll discover: 

  • Nutritious food has always had the proven power to heal
  • Research, pilot programs and case studies proving quality nutrition helps reduce health care costs through the management of chronic conditions and reduction of hospitalization and readmissions
  • Steps health plans, government entities, public and private organizations are taking to make a difference
  • How to integrate nutritious food into services and benefits for better health outcomes and total cost of care

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Why Home-Delivered, Medically Tailored Meals  

Nutritional needs can vary from person to person. When meals are developed by registered dietitians and created by professional chefs with the goal to improve health outcomes, food becomes not only nutritious, but also convenient.  

Eating delicious home-delivered, medically tailored meals like we offer at Mom’s Meals® can help people:  

  • Improve overall health, manage or prevent chronic diseases  
  • Remain at home and age in place  
  • Stay out of, or reduce time, in the hospital or nursing home  
  • Lower health care spending  

Our Programs  

No matter the health goal or need, our programs make the path to improving life through better nutrition at home more convenient.   

Providing nutrition support for leading chronic health conditions to improve outcomes and reduce the total cost of health care. 

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Helping individuals maintain independence at home and avoid institutional care.  

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Supplying expedited nutrition to assist individuals in their recovery after a hospital or skilled nursing stay to reduce readmissions.  

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Offering our meals to those that want the convenience of home-delivered meals for themselves or a loved one.  

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Medically Tailored Meals

With nine condition-specific menus and 60+ meal options, there are numerous tasty choices to make. Designed by professional chefs and registered dietitians in USDA-approved kitchens, all our medically tailored meals are made with high-quality ingredients.

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The Mom’s Meals Difference  

Designed to provide easy access to daily nourishment, our high-quality meal choices satisfy individual tastes and preferences — fueling better health outcomes.

Designed by professional chefs and registered dietitians. Meals taste great and support the nutritional needs of most common chronic conditions.

Meals are packaged for storage in the fridge for up to 14 days. Heat, eat and enjoy in minutes.

Meals are delivered to any address, nationwide.

Select meals from an array of options based on preferences and needs.*  

*Initial deliveries will have a variety of meals based on dietary preferences. 

We understand your clients and treat them like they are part of our family.  

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