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Renal-Friendly Meals

Eating well-balanced meals that are designed to protect your kidney health can go a long way in supporting kidney function. 

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Nutrition’s Impact On Kidney Disease

Nutrition plays an essential role in everyone’s overall health and well-being. Maintaining a nutritious diet has been shown to help prevent and slow the progression of kidney disease, as well as other chronic conditions that can affect your renal health.

Find out more in our white paper including:

  • Risk factors
  • Tips and nutritional insights
  • How home-delivered meals can help

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Kidney Disease

Renal-Friendly Meals

Treating and managing chronic kidney disease requires you to follow a special diet, with specific requirements for your daily intake of certain minerals and ingredients. We help make it convenient and easier to incorporate healthy choices into your daily routine. All our renal-friendly meals contain:

  • Less than 700 mg of sodium
  • 833 mg or less of potassium
  • 330 mg or less of phosphorus 

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Our hassle-free meals are tailored to meet the nutritional needs of individuals with: 

  • Stage 3 or 4 chronic kidney disease with less restrictive dietary requirements
  • Stage 5 end-stage renal disease and who are on hemodialysis 
Cowboy Skillet
chicken parmesan pasta
Mushroom Rissotto
Pork Fried Rice

How To Get Renal-Friendly Meals

Can you say yes to any of these questions? If so, you might qualify for government or health plan assistance and have Mom's Meals delivered at little or no cost to you!  

  • Are you over 65?
  • Are you disabled?
  • Do you require assistance with grocery shopping and/or preparing meals?
  • Are you on Medicaid or a Medicare Advantage plan that offers a paid meal benefit? 

If you’re currently a Medicaid or Medicare recipient, contact your health plan to see if you are eligible to receive a home-delivered meals benefit. Or, contact your Area Agency on Aging to see if you qualify for government-funded programs. 

If you do not qualify for this kind of assistance to get home-delivered meals, you are able to purchase meals direct. Our meals are all priced at just $7.99 or $8.99. That's an affordable price that fits almost any budget. 

Order convenient home delivery of your delicious and nutritious meals now.

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Are You A Case Manager And Need To Get A Client Started?

Contact Us With Questions

1. Get Set up

Make sure your organization is contracted with Mom’s Meals and what the guidelines are for meal referrals and authorizations. 

2. Submit Your Authorization

Send us the authorization per your organization’s guidelines. 

3. Client Orders Meals

Once the authorization is processed, we will reach out to the client you referred to welcome them, review their options, and schedule a delivery date.

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