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Protein+ Meals

Designed to support those with higher protein nutritional needs.

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The many needs of protein

When we hear about protein, we often assume it’s only about how it keeps our muscles strong. Protein does so much more. It helps maintain a healthy immune system, keeps bones strong and ensures blood and skin cells are being continuously replaced. Older adults may need to increase their protein intake since our amount of muscle tissue decreases as we age.

Protein is also very important for individuals:

  • Pre- and post-childbirth for better maternal and fetal health
  • Before, during and after cancer treatment
  • After having a surgery or illness like flu or pneumonia
  • Living with HIV
  • Post-workout
cancer support meal

Protein+ Meals

The prospect of a home-cooked meal can seem daunting, especially as a new parent or when an illness and its treatment affect your appetite. What to have for dinner might be the last thing on your mind. But good nutrition is vital and can aid in feeling better and maintaining or boosting strength.

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Protein+ options from Mom’s Meals:

  • Contain at least 600 calories and 25 grams of protein to address the increased nutritional needs of several conditions
  • Helps provide balanced protein intake which can improve fetal growth, help new moms with recovery and provide important nutrients to nursing mothers
  • Have been developed with input from registered dietitians specializing in oncology and in accordance with guidelines from the American Institute for Cancer Research
  • Helps promote recovery from surgery, illness and physical activity
BBQ Chicken Patty
Creamy Potato Pasta
Ham and Cheesy Potatoes
Vegetable Egg Scramble
White Bean Soup

How To Get Home-Delivered Meals 

Can you say yes to any of these questions? If so, you might qualify for government or health plan assistance and have Mom's Meals delivered at little or no cost to you!  

  • Are you over 65?
  • Are you disabled?
  • Do you require assistance with grocery shopping and/or preparing meals?
  • Are you on Medicaid or a Medicare Advantage plan that offers a paid meal benefit? 

If you’re currently a Medicaid or Medicare recipient, contact your health plan to see if you are eligible to receive a home-delivered meals benefit. Or, contact your Area Agency on Aging to see if you qualify for government-funded programs. 

If you do not qualify for this kind of assistance to get home-delivered meals, you are able to purchase meals direct. Our meals are all priced at just $7.99 or $8.99. That's an affordable price that fits almost any budget. 

Order convenient home delivery of your delicious and nutritious meals now.

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Are You A Case Manager And Need To Get A Client Started?

Contact Us with Questions

1. Get Set up

Make sure your organization is contracted with Mom’s Meals and what the guidelines are for meal referrals and authorizations. 

2. Submit Your Authorization

Send us the authorization per your organization’s guidelines.

3. Client Orders Meals

Once the authorization is processed, we will reach out to the client you referred to welcome them, review their options, and schedule a delivery date.