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Post-Discharge Care

Supplying expedited nutrition to assist individuals in their recovery after a hospital or skilled nursing stay to reduce readmissions.

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The Nutrition-Readmission Connection 

Studies show that good nutrition is foundational to the healing process after a hospital stay because it promotes recovery and independence, and better health helps reduce readmissions. 

  • As many as half of patients admitted to the hospital are at risk for malnutrition or are malnourished, particularly older adults.
  • A study published by Avalere Health in partnership with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other stakeholders, showed that malnourished adult inpatients have a 54% higher likelihood of 30-day hospital readmissions than patients who are well-nourished.
  • The average cost per readmission were 26-34% higher for patients with malnutrition compared to those without malnutrition.


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Home-delivered meals

One Solution: Home-Delivered Meals

Post-discharge meals have proven to be a big deterrent to hospital readmissions, since post-discharge meals help ensure patients continue to receive proper nutrition once they leave the hospital.

This is especially key for patients suffering from a chronic condition, which puts them at risk for malnutrition. Patients with chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease may require a diet low in sugar, fat, sodium or cholesterol.  

Post-discharge meals are equally important to individuals who simply cannot prepare meals for themselves or whose caretakers don’t know how to fulfill their nutritional needs, as well as those who are food insecure. 

Mom’s Meals Post-Discharge Care Program

Designed to help health insurers, hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities, and other health care organizations, our program provides their members and patients expedited nutritional support at the start of their recovery, when time is of the essence, to support healing and reduce readmissions.

  • Rapid enrollment and accelerated delivery (24-72 hours from receipt of referral)
  • Nationwide delivery to any address  
  • Tailored nutrition solutions with nine condition-specific menus to support recovery
  • Standard-setting quality and safety made with high-quality ingredients and uncompromising food safety, meals will keep in the refrigerator for 14 days
  • Convenient ready-to-heat-and-eat meals 

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Post-Discharge Care program

Medically Tailored Meals

With nine condition-specific menus and 60+ meal options, there are numerous tasty choices to make. Designed by professional chefs and registered dietitians in USDA-approved kitchens, all our medically tailored meals are made with high-quality ingredients.

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Designed by professional chefs and registered dietitians. Meals taste great and support the nutritional needs of most common chronic conditions.

Meals are packaged for storage in the fridge for up to 14 days. Heat, eat and enjoy in minutes.

Meals are delivered to any address, nationwide.

Select meals from an array of options based on preferences and needs.*  

*Initial deliveries will have a variety of meals based on dietary preferences. 

We understand your clients and treat them like they are part of our family.  

Client Stories

Have purchased out-of-pocket since my health plan benefit of meals after surgery was so helpful; recently purchased 2 batches of 14 meals each for my 93-year old mother-in-law in another city after her hospital stay and she has been thrilled at independence they allow her!

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