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A remarkable impact: Results from Mom's Meals satisfaction survey

The results of Mom's Meals yearly satisfaction survey reveal many happy customers.

July 17, 2023

A remarkable impact: Results from Mom's Meals satisfaction survey

Countless studies have shown home-delivered meals improve health outcomes, lower health care costs and improve the quality of patient care. Mom’s Meals® offers a variety of menus targeting specific chronic conditions, like diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and heart disease. Making nutritious meals is our passion, but what do our customers think?

Annual customer satisfaction survey

In 2022, through an objective third party, Mom’s Meals received feedback from over 1,500 customers regarding our home-delivered meals service. Each year, we conduct a satisfaction survey to ensure we’re providing the highest quality product and service possible to our clients and customers alike. Our team uses the feedback to identify trends, determine areas that may need adjustment and confirm what we’re doing right.

Overall program satisfaction

Home-Delivered Meal Service Satisfaction 88%

The majority of our clients (88%) are satisfied with our home-delivered meal service. The top drivers attributing to satisfaction include the variety of meals offered and the fact that our meals help them eat healthier. 

spoon The scoop is: We treat our customers as an extension of our own family. Our team works together to reach one common goal — to help nourish the customers we serve. From menu creation to delivering meals direct to customers’ homes, we pay attention to even the smallest details, so we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Meals and menu

Overall Flavor Satisfaction 94%

A whopping 94% are satisfied with the overall flavor of the meals they have tried. As for the menu, not surprisingly, our meatloaf and Salisbury steak ranked as top two choices for the best flavor for the past six years! One of our newer meals, cheesy Chicken with rice and broccoli came in third.

spoon The scoop is: Our menus, developed by professional chefs and registered dietitians, are designed to support many common chronic conditions. The culinary team spends countless hours in the kitchen creating nutritious meals with flavors our clients love. We update our offerings seasonally, featuring classic comfort foods along with contemporary and regional favorites.

Customer care

Customer Care Satisfaction 95%

Mom’s Meals received an amazing customer care satisfaction ranking with a vast majority (95%) of customers saying we continue to do an awesome job addressing their needs. Our survey also showed the more frequently our customers speak with us, the greater their satisfaction with our program.

spoon The scoop is: We love talking with our customers and are committed to providing top-notch customer care. Our dedicated team is here to answer any questions and can provide support in up to 170 different languages.

Packaging and delivery

Delivery and Packing Satisfaction 97%

Nearly 97% of respondents noted contents are packed neat and tidy in the box. In addition, 91% of respondents noted their satisfaction with our delivery drivers.

spoon The scoop is: We hold our team to high standards, making sure the meals our drivers deliver to our customers’ homes are packaged well to arrive in perfect form.

Improving life through better nutrition at home

Mom’s Meals is inspired by the responses we received and dedicated to best-in-class meals and service. Find out more about Mom’s Meals and how we are making nutritious eating delicious and convenient with the power of choice of every meal, in every delivery.