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Currently contracted with us? 

If you have questions about starting a new client, contact our Intake department at 1-866-716-3257, option 1 or email us at

When submitting paperwork, please include the following:

  • Client address, phone number, date of birth
  • Agency and case manager information
  • Beginning and end dates of service
  • Number of meals client is approved for per week
  • Menu information or any special requests
  • Other critical billing or delivery information

IMPORTANT: If we receive a referral by 5:00 PM CST on Thursday, the client will receive their first order the following week. Your client’s initial delivery will include the meals they requested or a variety of our most popular meals. Clients will receive a call from a Mom’s Meals team member welcoming them to the program.

  • Clients call in future orders to 1-866-204-6111
  • If we do not hear from the client, we will attempt to reach them with an outbound phone call
  • Customers approved for 4 -7 meals per week, will receive a cooler every other week
  • Clients approved for 8 or more meals a week, will receive a cooler every week 

Case Manager packet

Download the case manager packet that includes a welcome letter, important contact information, a case manager overview handout and a client handout.

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We need a referral along with information about the member or patient, including identification and address for delivery, meal start date and duration, the quantity of meals per day, case manager or other referring provider information, and any other notes regarding the unique food preferences or delivery information to best serve each individual.

If we receive paperwork by 5 PM Thursday, the client will receive their first delivery the following week. Clients whose paperwork arrives after 5 PM on Thursday will be delivered the week after next.

The number of meals and frequency of delivery varies based on plan design. However, in general, clients who are authorized for:

  • 3 meals or less per week will receive a monthly delivery
  • 4-7 meals per week will be delivered every other week
  • 8+ meals per week will be delivered on a weekly basis

We deliver 14 meals every other week for several reasons:

  • Minimize the amount of packaging
  • Average refrigerators can easily store 14 meals (meals should be refrigerated)
  • Meals will last in the refrigerator for 14 days from delivery

Resuming a client is similar to setting up a new client so we need notice by 5pm on Thursday in order to be delivered the following week. If an expedited start is requested, we need to check with our logistics team to determine if we are able to accommodate the request.

Cancellation cutoffs vary from client to client based on their delivery schedule and method. Typically, if we receive the request to cancel meals for the next delivery, we would need it by 5 PM on Thursday.