Authorizations & Referrals

Activating home-delivered meal benefits for those who are food insecure and nutritionally at-risk in Colorado is easy, just follow the steps below.

1) Identify 

Identify members at risk for food or nutrition insecurity during the initial assessment/reassessment/change of status to trigger a home delivered meal benefit to support a plan of care.

2) Authorize and Process

Grand County Public Health/Region 10 AAA/South Central CO Seniors/VOANS Senior Community:

Complete your organization’s referral or authorization form and submit using one of the following options:

Mom’s Meals Intake will process the home delivered meal order and will send confirmation of start of service to the referring Case Manager via email.

If funding through the State of Colorado:

Please note:

  • Eligibility and authorization is required to be noted in the CO Medicaid Portal.
  • Mom's Meals has the ability to add a draft prior to receiving the PAR/authorization for 28 meals.
  • There is a maximum of 14 meals per week.

Complete a referral for qualifying clients and submit using one of the following options:

3) Delivery

A cooler of fully-prepared, refrigerated meals will be delivered to the member's home - ready to heat, eat and enjoy within minutes.

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