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Individuals and Caregivers

Home-delivered meals designed by dietitians, crafted by chefs, made for your lifestyle.

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Individuals and Caregivers

Choose from 60+ Delicious Options

We're firm believers that reliable nutrition and great taste don't need to cost an arm and a leg for force you to sacrifice when it comes to convenience.

That's why we offer nourishing, home-delivered meals that prioritize your food and your budget.

Our meals check all the boxes:

  • Designed to support general wellness as well as specific dietary requirements and preferences
  • Right-sized portions optimized to meet nutritional needs
  • Meals will last 14 days from delivery when stored in the refrigerator
  • Heat-and-eat-convenience
  • Delivered to homes nationwide
  • Just $7.99 for most meals*

*Gluten-free, renal and pureed meals are $8.99 each

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Delicious Meal Options
gluten-free chicken cheesy broccoli
heart healthy skillet
lower-sodium cheesy egg omlette with sausage and french toast sticks
pureed meal


How Mom's Meals Works 

Delivering nutritious meals in just 3 easy steps.

Order as you go, or maximize convenience with a subscription plan tailored to your lifestyle. The choice is always yours.

1. Choose your meals

Review our broad selection of meals and choose every meal according to your nutritional needs and taste preferences.

2. Meal Delivery

Nationwide shipping. Select your delivery date and meals arrive to your home. Meals last 14 days from delivery when stored in the refrigerator.

3. Heat and Enjoy

Follow the simple microwaving instructions on the top label of each meal and enjoy in minutes.

A self-pay customer is paying for meals out of their own pocket or using an over the counter (OTC) or healthy food benefit card. 

A covered benefit customer is receiving meals as part of a benefit program funded by a third-party. It could be a chronic care, post-discharge or long-term care program funded by their Medicaid or Medicare Advantage health insurance provider or other government program. The recipient of the meals is not paying for meals out of their own pocket. 

Client Stories

I am so pleased with Mom's Meals. I am managing my mother's health and well-being as she ages in place. My mother couldn't be more pleased with the variety, taste, and freshness of the food. I couldn't be any more pleased with the customer service provided when I call to make changes and/or updates to meals or delivery. Everyone has been so courteous and efficient. Mom's Meals continues to be #1 in our book!


Client Stories

Food tastes good. The serving size is perfect! Really enjoying. Customer service (when I've had to call) has been very kind and helpful. Thank you for this service!

Happy Customer

Client Stories

Have purchased out-of-pocket since my health plan benefit of meals after surgery was so helpful; recently purchased 2 batches of 14 meals each for my 93-year old mother-in-law in another city after her hospital stay and she has been thrilled at independence they allow her!

Post-Discharge & Self-Pay Customer

Client Stories

I just wanted to tell you how easy it is to make your tasty meals for dinner each night. Three days a week, I come home from dialysis tired and hungry. In less than five minutes from fridge to plate, I have a great tasting meal ready to eat. My husband has diabetic diet needs and I have renal diet needs, so we order our meals and put them in the fridge separately. Mom’s Meals makes mealtime a lot easier in our household.

Client with Kidney Disease

Client Stories

I just received my first shipment today and I'm very happy. I have cancer and I get so tired.  Cooking can be hard (even though I love to cook). It's been so difficult getting the proper nutrition. I have nausea and vomiting frequently, and often the only nutrients I get are from shakes or tomato juice because I don't have the strength or appetite for anything else. These meals are the perfect size, easy to make, and really take the pressure off of me to shop and cook every day. Thank you for making my life easier. 

Client Needing Cancer Support

Client Stories

I love this option for my consumers. Others cannot meet most dietary restrictions and have no choice. Choice gives consumers a sense of control that is tremendously important. Some tell me they look forward to choosing as if they were ordering take out. Thank you!

Happy Case Manager

Client Stories

I received the meals yesterday as a sample. I have to tell you that I am impressed with the quality and taste. We would definitely recommend Mom's Meals to our customers and other agencies.

Impressed Case Manager

Client Stories

I want to thank you for the delicious meals. They are very good, and I really appreciate your services. I am 82 years old and your meals have made it much easier to enjoy three meals each day in my home. Thank you for all you do and the great job.

Thankful Client

Client Stories

This company is absolutely wonderful! Worth looking into. If you cannot afford to pay on your own, there are agencies to help!

Helpful Client

Mom's Meals Gift Certificates

Give the gift of nutrition and convenience.

Provide your loved ones with delicious, ready-to-heat-and-eat meals direct to their home. Recipients choose every meal, in every order from 60+ meal options.

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