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What in-home care services are available and how do I find it all?

View a list of some of the different services a caregiver may need to line up for their loved one, how each one helps, and where to find them.

August 14, 2018

What in-home care services are available and how do I find it all?

Caregiving is not a responsibility that any one person should have to undertake alone, but for some people, it can certainly feel like they have to do everything on their own. Fortunately, there are resources and organizations available to caregivers that can help fulfill all the daily needs of the person in their charge.

What kind of in-home care services are available?

Cleaning: If your loved one needs help with housekeeping tasks, a cleaning service can be hired for visits as often as weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Driving: Grocery stores and numerous other businesses are now offering delivery and curbside service, with the additional convenience of being able to order online. But there are also home care agencies that will provide transportation for your loved one to doctor’s appointments and other errands.

Meals: If your loved one can no longer prepare meals for themselves, and you don’t have the time, consider hiring a meal delivery service to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Hygiene: Bathing assistance, in addition to other hygiene-related tasks, can be provided by home care aides. Personal hygiene is important, and as your elderly loved one’s physical and mental health begin to decline, they’re going to need help.

Health care: Your loved one might need help managing their medication or require other in-home health care. There are certified nurses licensed to provide these services.

Yard work: It might seem low on your priority list, but mowing the lawn, shoveling snow and landscaping are both tasks that can become glaring issues if neglected. There should be a number of lawn care providers in your area capable of assuming these responsibilities.

It’ll be important that you discuss this with your loved one to determine their needs, while also consulting with other family members involved in their care.

Where to start your search

To begin finding services to fulfill each of these needs, first identify if there is a local Area Agency on Aging. The name of the organization will vary, but they will be able to provide information and referrals for eldercare and aging-related services in your community.

You can start with the website for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

Family and friends can also be a helpful source for referrals. They’ll be able to make recommendations based on their own experiences, while you sort through the main services and programs available in your area.