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Keeping your New Year's nutrition resolutions

Breaking down your nutrition and fitness goals into bite-sized tasks can help boost your chances of success.

February 09, 2023

Keeping your New Year's nutrition resolutions

With the new year, some of us have made big goals focused on improving the financial, educational, health or nutritional areas of our lives. No matter what your aspirations are for the year, it can often be challenging to stay motivated. Here’s some advice to help see your resolutions to the finish line.

Among the most common New Year’s resolutions, health-related goals are at the top. In fact, 59% of people are looking to improve their health this year, however, these resolutions are the least likely to be accomplished. Even though gym memberships skyrocket and several households start new diets, many mindsets lean toward an “all or nothing” outlook and tend to taper away from the resolution as the months go by.

Set smaller, more attainable goals

What if changing up your approach to resolutions could help boost your success? Oftentimes, setting smaller, more reasonable goals will allow you to build momentum and incorporate greater flexibility. This is especially useful when trying to lose weight, add a new exercise routine or practice healthier eating.

If you start the new year by eliminating foods or even whole food groups, you likely will not be able to sustain these eating patterns for long. Learning to eat foods in moderation can help you avoid feeling too restricted or deprived of certain meals that you love.

Create realistic nutrition goals

A positive way to add healthier choices to your diet is through habit stacking. This means you add new practices or behaviors into your normal, everyday life. Instead of completely upturning your diet, you begin to build in healthy habits that after a while, become an easy part of your routine.

Here are some practical ways to add new habits:

  • Old habit: Avoid plunging into a restrictive diet that steers you away from your favorite foods, i.e., carbohydrates, fruits, pastas and bread.
  • New habit: Incorporate three vegetables into your normal diet every single day.This healthy step adds fiber, vitamins and minerals without eliminating foods you enjoy.
  • Old habit: Saying, “I’m never eating out again,” when you love the convenience of restaurant style or fast foods.
  • New habit: Reduce dining out to 1-2 times per week. You also save money and help stick to your more nutritious options available at home.
  • Old habit: Drinking too much soda.
  • New habit: Try 1-2 beverages per week. Make a goal to increase your water intake. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go to help keep it top of mind or switch to sparkling water with no added sugars if you enjoy the fizz.
  • Old habit:  Feeling overwhelmed by weekly meal prep.
  • New habit: Cooking a little extra food when preparing your dinner and use the leftovers for lunch for the next day or getting nutritious ready-to-heat-and-eat meals from Mom’s Meals®.

Build exercise into your routine

Jumping into an extensive and intensive workout routine may cause you to fizzle out quickly. Just like adding in healthier eating habits, you may have more success by inserting mini workouts or fitness habits into your routine.

  • If you’re new to exercise, try adding a 30-minute walk two times per week. As you feel more comfortable, increase the duration and frequency.
  • As you wait for your morning coffee to brew, do several calf raises or lunges. See if you can increase the amount every week.
  • Wear a fitness tracker to keep track of your steps and try to increase your amount every week or month.
  • Park your car in a spot further away from the entrance of work or when you’re running errands. The steps can add up quickly!

Breaking down your bigger goals into bite-sized tasks and adding more realistic day-to-day practices can help boost your confidence and increase your overall chances of success. 

Mom's Meals® can help

To help you build better nutrition into your life and maintain a healthier lifestyle, Mom’s Meals offers meal options that can help you meet your goals and manage your specific nutritional needs.