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World Health Day

Here are ways you can promote public health and improve your health as well as the lives of people in your community and beyond.

April 05, 2024

World Health Day

Everyone around the globe deserves to live a long and healthy life. The World Health Organization (WHO) works each day to reach this goal. They do this through science, solutions and unity. This year marks 76 years of improving public health. WHO celebrates this special day on April 7 with World Health Day.

This global health awareness day is important for many reasons. It reflects on the amazing public health successes over the years. It also asks us to join forces in tackling today's health challenges. This year’s theme is My health, my right . The theme was chosen because conflicts around the world and the climate crisis are threatening the health of millions of people. The hope is that World Health Day will inspire people to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to access health services, education, safe drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working and environmental conditions and freedom from discrimination.

While the WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All notes that at least 140 countries include health as a human right in their constitution, only four countries mention how that will be financed.

Unfortunately, at least half of the world can't get essential health care services. Or when they do find care, the cost is pushing them into poverty. Statistics show how crucial WHO’s mission is to make sure people have access to quality health services. Even more, how they can access it at a fair cost:

  • More than half of the global population — 4.5 billion people — isn’t covered by essential health services
  • As many as 4 in 100 people die from unsafe care in low-to-middle
  • Nearly 2 billion people face financial hardship due to health costs
  • About 344 million people are going deeper into extreme poverty due to health costs

You can make a difference

Improving public health and growing access to health services is a big job. However, everyone can do their part to make strides in the right direction. How can you help? Commit to these efforts in honor of World Health Day and help improve the lives around you:

  • Learn more about World Health Day
  • Stay healthy by exercising and eating nutritious food
  • Get proper rest and practice self-care
  • Get involved with a wellness program at school or work
  • Volunteer with groups that promote health within your community
  • Improve your health literacy and share information with friends and family
  • Plant a community garden to grow and share fruits and vegetables
  • Start a walking or physical activity challenge
  • Write a letter to Congress to educate members on public health issues

And spread the word! Use the #WHO76 hashtag on social media. You can share your support of World Health Day and the actions you’re taking to improve public health.

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