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Chad Lee - Mom's Meals Delivery Driver

Chad Lee, a home delivery driver at Mom’s Meals®, has been positively impacting the lives of customers in the Philadelphia region for nearly a year and a half now. Born and raised in Louisiana, Chad makes every Mom’s Meals delivery with gentlemanly charm and dependability that individuals have come to know and expect.

“The people getting Mom’s Meals really need them—they need the food—and they’re always at their door waiting for me to arrive,” said Chad. “It has been incredibly rewarding working for a company that does so much good. It puts a smile on my face every single day.”

Mom’s Meals is a leading national provider of refrigerated, fully-prepared, home-delivered meals and nutrition services. Home-delivered meals contribute to the health and independence of individuals living at home in their community—especially those who are food insecure, those transitioning from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, and those managing a chronic condition.* Mom’s Meals’ mission is to improve life through better nutrition at home.

“When I first began working with Mom’s Meals, I didn’t know what to expect. I accepted this position due to changes in my previous job because of the pandemic,” he said. “Now that I’ve been here a while, it’s a great feeling knowing I’m helping others." 

Indeed, Chad has made an impression on his clients. For example, an older woman who has cancer was used to seeing him at a scheduled time every week. Her nephew would even come to help her as her delivery arrived. When Chad’s route changed due to logistics, she called Mom’s Meals to make sure he was okay; she worried he was out sick with COVID-19. Today, whenever Chad is making deliveries near her home, he stops to say hello.

On his weekly route, Chad interacts with many customers—often upwards of 70 interactions on any given day. “It’s amazing because I’ve even had relatives of my customers thank me for making deliveries to their family members,” said Chad. “It warms my heart.”

Did the pandemic change how Chad operates? Not necessarily. Chad explained that his customers have come to know him on a first-name basis (and vice versa), and they always knew he’d show up with their Mom’s Meals delivery—pandemic or not.

“The only difference was that in the middle of the pandemic, I wore a mask while working (which I still do), and I wasn’t allowed to carry their delivery inside their home,” said Chad. “Any time I can help a Mom’s Meals customer, I will. I know the nutrition they desperately need is right inside the box I’m carrying. My customers…they’re as important to me as I am to them.”

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