Barb Anderson
Barb Anderson (the “Mom” of Mom’s Meals) and her Mom

Mom’s Meals is a leading national provider of fresh-made, home-delivered meals and nutrition services for individuals desiring convenience or independent living and for patients recuperating at home or managing a chronic disease.

People always ask us why we started Mom’s Meals. Well, the answer is simple. We wanted to help folks, like us, struggling to find solutions for lending a hand to their parents and relatives living far away.

We quickly saw a need – and a desire – to help aging moms and dads, relatives living far away, loved ones recuperating after a hospital stay, or those with chronic diseases who may be struggling to care for themselves. Time after time, we heard stories about families facing these issues. That’s when we knew we needed to turn our idea into a solution for everyone who needed access to healthy meals that were both convenient and easy to prepare.

At the time, our own moms needed meal support, and we found we couldn’t be there to prepare or bring fresh cooked meals regularly. That’s why we called our first product “Mom’s Meals.”  We wanted to provide our own parents with the same fresh-made, delicious, comforting meals they used to make for us, plus use some of their favorite recipes on our menu.

Our very first meals were made in a small kitchen in Nevada, Iowa. We hired a professional chef from the start to make sure the meals tasted great, and the entire family pitched in to help package the meals, ensured each customer had the right order, and delivered them right to their doors.

If there’s one thing we understand, it’s the desire to help those who need it most.  And we know that at some point in our lives, most of us will find ourselves caring for those we love most, often for those who cared so well for us.

Now, over a dozen years later, we are still family-owned and operated, but have a dedicated and experienced team to help make the meals in our own USDA-certified kitchen.  We’ve also expanded and are now able to provide meals and nutrition services for those with chronic illnesses and specific dietary needs.  Our gluten-free, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, and renal meals are among our most popular.

But one thing hasn’t changed – our belief that our meals have to be made with the same loving care and quality ingredients we originally put into our own moms’ meals. And just as important, all our meals need to be tasty enough to serve to our own family because to this day, our own moms still get our meals, and they are our toughest critics!

–Barb Anderson, founder of Mom’s Meals

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