Give the gift of fresh, home-delivered meals to a loved one!
Meals are delivered directly to the door in our Fresh-Lock package and climate-controlled cooler.  
Recipients can choose from over 70 delicious Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner entrees.
Special menus available:
General Wellness, Heart-Friendly, Diabetic-Friendly, Renal-friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian or Cancer Support.
Gift Certificates are sold in the following amounts:
7 meals - $48.93 + $14.95 Shipping = $63.88
10 meals - $69.90 + $14.95 Shipping = $84.85
14 meals - $97.86 + $14.95 Shipping = $112.81

How to Purchase:
Call us at 1-877-508-6667 (8:00am-6:00pm CT M-F).
Select the number of meals that you would like to purchase.
Provide us with the gift recipient name(s) and delivery address.
Let us know if we should use postal mail or email to send the recipient Gift Packet.

Gift Packet Components:
Mom’s Meals welcome letter (Includes instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate).
Mom’s Meals gift certificate (Clearly indicates the name(s) of who made the purchase as well as the number of meals that were purchased).
Our current Menu (This will assist the recipient in choosing their meals).

How to Redeem:
One of our customer service representatives will reach out to the recipient or the recipient can contact us directly.
The recipient provides us with their desired meal selections as well as their preferred delivery date.