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Oklahoma Case Managers

At Mom’s Meals®, we work in partnership with you to promote better health for your clients. From our compassionate customer service to delivery of the meals your client selects, we provide an experience unlike any other meal delivery program.


Medically Tailored Meals for Oklahoma

Browse our full selection of meals with photos, in-depth descriptions, and nutritional information. Or, to view what is available in your state, please select from the menu options listed below.

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Authorizations & Referrals

Activating home-delivered meal benefits for those who are food insecure and nutritionally at-risk in Oklahoma is easy, just follow the steps below. 

Identify clients at risk for food or nutrition insecurity during the initial assessment/reassessment/change of status to trigger a home-delivered meal benefit to support a plan of care. 

Use Oklahoma Harmony System to submit authorizations to Mom's Meals. 

After the authorization is received, Mom’s Meals will verify and confirm eligibility. Mom’s Meals will confirm verification to case manager in Harmony System and begin processing the order.  

Please email if you need your custom referral form or support with authorizations.  

A cooler of fully-prepared, refrigerated meals will be delivered to the client's home - ready to heat, eat and enjoy within minutes. 

Brochures & Handouts

At Mom's Meals, we take care of your clients as if they are part of our own family. Here are links to helpful brochures and handouts:

Current CE Courses

Are you a healthcare professional who needs continuing education credits to keep your license in good standing? Mom’s Meals can help!

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Schedule an In-Service or Get in Touch With Your Mom's Meals Representative in Oklahoma

Hello, my name is Mark Waggoner. I am a Registered Nurse and have a background in hospital healthcare and community-based home health services serving the aging and disabled population. I'm happy to help you with any inquiries you may have and am available to provide you with additional information through virtual or on-site presentations. Looking forward to working with you and helping your clients live better at home.

Phone: 866-686-3257