The Power of Choice Results from Moms Meals  Satisfaction Survey
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The Power of Choice: Results from Mom's Meals Satisfaction Survey

July 02, 2019

Every year, we solicit feedback from our customers to provide feedback on how they feel about our home-delivered meals service. This reflective process allows us to see what’s working and where we might need to adjust, allowing us to determine ways to do even better.

With a common goal of better health and outcomes, Mom’s Meals shares highlights from recent survey findings from over 2,200 respondents.

Power of Choice

We’ve known for a long time that our clients appreciate being able to choose the food they like – and want – to eat. Not surprisingly, our most recent survey revealed that nearly 85-percent of respondents chose the meals they wanted in their delivery. Evidence further demonstrated that choice drove higher compliance as 90-percent of those who chose their meals said they always or almost always consumed their entrees in each delivery.

The bottom line: Customers who take an active role in choosing their meals are not only more likely to eat their meals, but actually enjoy them too. This is exactly why Mom’s Meals ensures that the choices provided are nutritionally balanced and condition-appropriate, so customers have access to options tailored to their specific needs and want – a true win-win.

Makes Sense

Although central to healthy behavior, control isn’t everything when it comes to eating. Our senses, especially taste, play an integral role in how we experience food. In fact, when we pulsed Mom’s Meals’ customers regarding the taste of meals, we heard that our meals taste better than other home-delivered meals they’ve tried.

Ongoing Engagement

Most customers connect with Mom’s Meals upwards of twice a month, particularly around meal selection. We’re thrilled to have that type of engagement with our customers, and we continue to welcome feedback to ensure a high rate of satisfaction.

The ongoing input we receive from our clients continues to fuel our commitment to better health and improved outcomes.

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