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Meal choice matters

Members like choice when it comes to home-delivered meals programs. It improves satisfaction and outcomes too. Mom's Meals offers more than 60 meal options and nine health condition menus.

August 14, 2023

Meal choice matters

What improves outcomes, engagement and satisfaction for health plan members? Giving them convenient, nutritious and delicious home-delivered meal choices that help sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Why does having a meal choice matter?

  • When individuals get to choose the meals they eat, chances are they’re more likely to finish those meals. Better nutritional compliance, especially for people with chronic conditions, supports better overall health.
  • Choice can lead to less waste because members won’t throw away meals they want to eat.
  • Less waste is also more cost-effective for health plans. For example, if a shipment of 10 meals was sent to a member and two of the meals thrown away, the cost of meals eaten per package increased.
  • Offering meal choices supports dignity and independence, especially for older adults.

Nutritional compliance using medically tailored meals improves outcomes

Customer satisfaction is paramount, but outcomes are critical too, especially for health plans evaluating benefit options. Mom’s Meals® case studies demonstrate better outcomes when people eat home-delivered, medically tailored meals they’ve selected from our extensive menu.

  • Better medication adherence — A pilot program by Inland Empire Health Plan in California showed a 33-100% increase in medication adherence in members with congestive heart failure who received six months of medically tailored meals from Mom’s Meals. Participants chose meals from our lower-sodium menu.
  • Fewer hospitalizations — The same study showed a reduction in annual hospital visits from 2.3 to 1.1 per member per year. Emergency department visits also dropped by 50%.
  • Decreased A1c levels — Health Plan Nevada, a UnitedHealthcare Company, sent eight weeks of Mom’s Meals to help members with diabetes management, food insecurity and social determinants of health. The pilot program demonstrated a 17.5% decrease in A1c levels.
  • Decrease costs — The same pilot study showed a 32% decrease in total cost of care for participants.

The choice is theirs

Recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to mealtime preferences, Mom’s Meals offers the power to choose every meal in every delivery. Clients simply select the meals that meet their nutritional needs and preferences.

We offer more than 60 ready-to-heat-and-eat meal options. For those with chronic health conditions or who have recently been discharged from the hospital and require medically tailored nutrition, we have nine health condition menus to choose from:

  • Cancer support
  • Diabetes friendly
  • General wellness
  • Gluten free
  • Heart Friendly
  • Lower Sodium
  • Pureed
  • Renal Friendly

Created by registered dietitians and professional chefs, our refrigerated meals are designed to not only taste great, but to provide quality nutrition as well.

Help improve outcomes and total cost of care. Find out more about Mom’s Meals and our expertise to build an effective and cost-efficient nutrition strategy.