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Fighting hunger across America

Mom’s Meals is committed to reducing food insecurity through corporate social responsibility efforts. Find out about the latest increase of support.

March 25, 2024

Fighting hunger across America

Today, more than 44 million Americans are food insecure. And one in every six older Americans faces the threat of hunger. It’s an uncomfortable fact that, in the wealthiest country in the world, widespread hunger remains a persistent problem. That is why Mom’s Meals® corporate social responsibility efforts are focused on food insecurity.

Adding to our commitment

Mom’s Meals has been on a mission to improve life through better nutrition at home since we opened our doors in 1999.

Now, we’re increasing our support to reduce food insecurity in the communities we serve as part of our corporate social responsibility efforts. In 2024, Mom’s Meals will donate 30,000 meals to people who are food insecure and not otherwise eligible for programs to help them get the nutrition they need through our Hunger Challenge initiative. This commitment builds on the nearly 47,000 meals donated over the past four years and the more than $252,000 in food supplies Mom’s Meals has given to community foodbanks in the last five years.

Partners for better outcomes

While we deliver medically tailored meals to several hundred thousand people nationwide every year, our team also works closely with health plans, health care providers, state and local governments and community-based organizations to ensure we are continually expanding access to good nutrition for vulnerable Americans. We collaborate with these entities to develop innovative programs and policies to deliver nutrition to populations in need. That work results not only in reducing food insecurities, but also driving improved health outcomes, reduced hospital readmissions and lowered total health care costs.

Engaging employees to make a difference

Another piece of our corporate social responsibility strategy allows employees to showcase Mom’s Meals’ core values in the communities they live, work and play. Over the past 10 years, over 9,500 pounds of food have been donated during employee led food drives. In addition, our team members have dedicated over 500 volunteer hours supporting Meals from the Heartland. Extending beyond their local communities, employees have also helped to donate more than $15,000 worth of supplies and food to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief.

Food as medicine white paper provides insights and solutions

In the balance: Managing Diabetes Through Nutrition

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re more passionate than ever about improving access to quality nutrition to help prevent and manage chronic conditions and reduce food insecurity across America. Get more insight and read the case studies in our white paper: The Power of Food as Medicine.