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Lynette Anderson, MS LPC

2022 Community Champion Award Winner


Nominated by Corrin Godar, client services supervisor for the Community Living Team at the agency:

Given Lynette Anderson’s ongoing commitment to supporting clients as they successfully age in place, her focus on the importance of nutrition, and her efforts in the promotion and education of the importance of nutrition within the wider community, I would like to nominate her for the Community Champion Award.

Lynette ensures that the adults she supports receive what they need, from nutrition services to home safety needs, in order to live safely in their community. She naturally inquiries about each client’s nutrition and home situation, so that she has an accurate understanding of their circumstances and, ultimately, their needs. She prioritizes nutrition in assessments and interventions, understanding that it is such an integral part of health and chronic disease management and that it affects many other aspects of well-being.

She also goes above and beyond to collaborate with our Healthy Aging and Nutrition Team to support her rural and mountain clientele through a person-centered approach. Additionally, she works closely with law enforcement, town government and nonprofit partners to ensure client safety.

Being detail-oriented allows her to give close attention to the dietary needs and food preferences of each client. In connecting clients with nutritional services, she makes sure that they have options from multiple sources, including meal delivery services, congregate meals and grocery delivery.

Lynette further assesses the client’s environment and abilities to best determine what types of meals the client can prepare. She even checks that they have the proper appliances to store and/or prepare meals; if the client does not have the necessary tools, Lynette will find a way to get them. She refers her clients to programs that assist with kitchen modifications and meal preparation skills. Lynette has the exceptional ability to consider the entire process!

Moreover, she works with clients from all backgrounds, knowing that socioeconomic factors greatly influence health outcomes. For instance, people residing in the rural and mountain areas experience unique challenges due to the limited availability, affordability and accessibility of health and social services.

Not only do Lynette’s clients have optimal nutrition services, she provides presentations on Mom’s Meals® services and coaches others on how to do holistic nutritional assessments. Essentially, Lynette's reach into the community goes beyond her direct clients; she helps many new members within our Area Agency on Aging and in the community understand the importance of nutrition, how to lead healthy lifestyles and how to assist with aging in place successfully.

Notably, Lynette was acknowledged during a recent State Unit on Aging Survey because of her work connecting clients with nutritional services.

We hope you will consider acknowledging her extraordinary work with the Community Champion Award.

Thank you for all you do, Lynette, and congratulations as this year’s winner of the Mom’s Meals® and USAging Community Champion award.