Our Programs

We work with over 500 health plans, managed care organizations, governments, and agencies to provide access to meals for people covered under Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the opportunity for individuals to order meals on their own.

Our programs consist of:

  • Long Term Care (for example, LTSS or HCBS programs), which focuses on helping individuals age at home
  • Chronic Care, which helps individuals manage their health conditions
  • Post-Discharge Care, which helps individuals recover after a hospital stay and avoid readmission
  • Self-Pay (or “Private Pay”), which supports individuals and those caring for a loved one.

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Nutritionally Tailored Meals

Menus that are designed by dietitians and professional chefs, tailored to health conditions:

  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Heart-friendly
  • Renal-friendly
  • Lower Sodium
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Pureed
  • Cancer Support
  • General Wellness

What Sets Us Apart

  • Support to improve health conditions and control costs – while promoting dignity and independence for vulnerable populations
  • Commitment to measuring the impact of our nutrition programs and addressing social determinants of health
  • Programs that allow clients to choose what they want to eat, so members look forward to meals
  • Broad delivery footprint to any address in the U.S.
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