Our Programs

We work with over 500 health plans, managed care organizations, governments, and agencies to provide access to meals for people covered under Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the opportunity for individuals to order meals on their own.

Our programs consist of:

  • Long Term Care (for example, LTSS or HCBS programs), which focuses on helping individuals age at home
  • Chronic Care, which helps individuals manage their health conditions
  • Post-Discharge Care, which helps individuals recover after a hospital stay and avoid readmission
  • Self-Pay (or “Private Pay”), which supports individuals and those caring for a loved one.
Home Delivered Meals Guide

Guide for Medicare Advantage Plan Product and Clinical Teams: Improving Outcomes and Star Ratings Through Food and Nutrition Benefits Design

This guide provides information on how to design a home-delivered meal benefit and understand the options for including a meal benefit in your plan design.

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Why Choose Mom's Meals?

We work hand-in-hand with you to create the right meal program to promote better outcomes for your members – whether that’s addressing the needs of members with chronic conditions, helping members remain independent, designing a post-discharge program to reduce readmissions, or addressing the social determinants of health (or a combination of all).

By helping you ensure access to the nutrition members need, we help you put better health within reach. And we’ll do all this while taking care of your members as if they are part of our own family with every meal we make and deliver.

Our Food

Our Menus

Our menus are designed by professional chefs and registered dietitians.  Not only do we offer meals tailored to support the nutrition needed for common health conditions and dietary preferences, but our culinary team also spends countless hours in the kitchen creating meals with flavors members love.  We update our offerings seasonally, featuring classic comfort foods along with contemporary and regional favorites.

Sample Menus

Our menus vary by program type and health condition, so that we can align to the nutrition your members need.

We offer meals to support general wellness, diabetes-friendly, heart-friendly, renal-friendly, cancer support, lower sodium, pureed, vegetarian, and gluten-free.  If you have questions about a particular program or menu, please contact us.

I just wanted to tell you how easy it is to make your tasty meals for dinner each night. Three days a week, I come home from dialysis tired and hungry. In less than five minutes from fridge to plate, I have a great tasting meal ready to eat. My husband has diabetic diet needs and I have renal diet needs, so we order our meals and put them in the fridge separately. Mom’s Meals makes mealtime a lot easier in our household.

- Members with diabetes and kidney disease

I just received my first shipment today and I'm very happy. I have cancer and I get so tired. Cooking can be hard (even though I love to cook). It's been so difficult getting the proper nutrition. I have nausea and vomiting frequently, and often the only nutrients I get are from shakes or tomato juice because I don't have the strength or appetite for anything else. These meals are the perfect size, easy to make, and really take the pressure off of me to shop and cook every day. Thank you for making my life easier. I really appreciate it. — feeling happy.

- Member with cancer


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